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Why us?

At MDS we like the challenge of listening to physician and staff objections to using the EMR software and overcoming them. Patient workflows within an office should be consistent so the staff can work with any doctor, however that doctor's workflow should be templated to be able to address patient problems. This maximizes their productivity with the software, minimizes their documentation time, and makes the patient visit more personable.

Nine years ago we attended the TEPR show in Ft. Lauderdale and interviewed all the EMR vendors present. We were impressed enough with the eClinicalWorks company philosophy and technology to choose them as the EMR where we wanted to develop our expertise. We have a continual commitment to learn as much as possible about the application, technology, interfaces and corporate culture to be able to address all our clients needs regarding eClinicalWorks.

As a business owners we understand that a practice has to see patients to be profitable, we strive to lessen the impact on their workflow by being willing to work with physicians and staff before hours, after hours, and on weekends. Doctors have unpredictable schedules and it is our commitment to be available to them without impacting patient flow and thusly revenue production.

Resourcefulness is essential to what we do, given the proliferation and integration of new phone vendors, equipment, interfaces, and lab companies. We are committed to continual education and research to stay ahead of the curve and be able to help our clients.

Carin Slader, CPHIMS

Founder and Principal

Carin has an extensive

background in computing

Robert Wolfe,